Curatorial plan of Sráč Sam and Denisa Bytelová 
for the Cursor Gallery

When I back up, I take my shoes off

The revolutionary potential of our day-and-age lies in recognizing the grace in the phrase: When I back up, I take my shoes off. This simple phrase goes from a backward movement to the way it opens up new horizons. In essence it’s about exploring places, possibilities and approaches that we tend to omit, forget or leave out of our forward progress. In our annual curatorial program, we choose to focus on stillness – a value that, from our perspective, could contribute to the general sustainability of art. In four individual chapters we will address this topic from four different angles.

1. Everything we own we have temporarily borrowed. The willingness and determination to work with what others have created.

2. You must / you can / you should. How to adequately meet the internal and external demands in creating the work? 

3. Visual predetermination and associated schemes. 

4. The appeal and contradiction of the political format of a still life.

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