History (2005–2008)

The Artwall Gallery, located on the load-bearing walls of Prague’s Letná Park on the Captain Jaroš Embankment, was created with the aim of revitalizing Prague’s public space and stimulating a dialogue between artists and the general public. 

Since 2005, under the management of the Center for Contemporary Art Prague and thanks to the contributions of many partners, the space has been has been transformed into an open-air gallery that every year confronts the people of Prague and visitors to the city with various forms of public art.

In 2008 the Mayor of Prague at that time, Pavel Bém, withdrew the license to use the structure of the Letná Wall to organize exhibitions from the Center for Contemporary Arts Prague. This decision was in reaction to the project Collective Identity, which was critical of the campaign being mounted at that time by the municipal authorities to host the Olympic Games in Prague.

In 2011 the operations of the Artwall Gallery were reinstated, but by a different organizer and curator.

Latest information on the gallery is available its official website: www.artwall.cz

Groupe Guma Guar: Kolektivní identita
David Walliker: Pan Modrý překračuje řeku
Pode Bal: Flagelanti
Mirella Bentivoglio, Alessandro Alimonti: Tváře ve zdi
Tomáš Hibi Matějíček, Marek Pokorný: Malichernost – pocta Ondřeji Sekorovi
Radek Jandera: Politik
Michaela Thelenová: Na chvíli...
Míla Preslová: Rituál

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