The creative residencies program has been one of the basic pillars of CCA’s activities since the mid-1990s. In 1994 CCA was one of the founding members of the international organization Res Artis, which at present brings together more than one hundred institutions from most countries in the world. Like the whole of the CCA residential program, the aim of the project is to encourage artists and representatives of different cultures to meet in person, to exchange creative experiences, and to develop a mutual understanding on the basis of professional and personal relationships.

From 1994 to 1998 CCA organized the ArtsLink program, which enabled many Czech artists, curators and cultural managers to visit renowned institutions in the USA, such as PS1 and ISCP. From 1999 to 2001 a summer residential program was held at Čimelice Castle.

In 1997 CCA set up its own residential program in Prague, which apart from two small breaks has lasted to the present day. CCA has so far played host to more than two hundred artists within the framework of all of its creative programs.

In 2015 CCA joined an intensive research program for international curators, the Curatorial Program for Research, as a one of the host organizations.

Václav Magid, ISCP, NY, USA, 2009
András Cséfalvay (SK), CSU, Praha, USA, 2011
Magdalena Kwiatkowska, CSU, Praha, 2010
Jiří Skála, Art in General, NY, USA, 2006
Jan Šerých, ISCP, NY, USA, 2008
Pavlína Morganová, ISCP, NY, USA, 2007
Jesper Alvaer, 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica, CA, USA, 2007
Josef Bolf, ISCP, NY, USA, 2007
Tomáš Vaněk, ISCP, NY, USA, 2006
Isabela Groseová, Art in General, NY, USA, 2005
Vit Havránek, ISCP, NY, USA, 2004
Alena Kotzmannová, ISCP, NY, USA, 2004
David Kulhanek, ISCP, NY, USA, 2003
Ján Mančuška, ISCP, NY, USA, 2003
Milena Dopitová, ISCP, NY, USA, 2002
Karel Císař, ISCP, NY, USA, 2001
Jiří Příhoda, ISCP, NY, USA, 1998
David Černý, PS1, NY, USA, 1995
Rezidenční program na zámku v Čimelicích, Riuzp Fukuhara, Japonsko
Rezidenční program na zámku v Čimelicích
Rezidenční program na zámku v Čimelicích
Rezidenční program na zámku v Čimelicích
Rezidenční program na zámku v Čimelicích

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