The Cursor Gallery, a space for guest curators, is a new project being launched by the Foundation and Centre for Contemporary Arts. It will offer a selected curator the backup and resources of an established artistic organisation (institutional, production, research and financial) and a large exhibition space for which they will be able to prepare, perhaps for the first time in their career, a comprehensive exhibition project, including accompanying activities (lectures and panels, etc.) and annual publication. This support will be provided for one year. The format, strategy and themes are fully under the control of the guest curator. Each year the FCCA will contact a new curator who will take over the reins of the project.

So far the curatorial project was lead by Václav Magid (2018–2019), Edith Jeřábková (2019–2020),
Václav Janoščík (2020–2021) and Sráč Sam and
Denisa Bytelová
(2021–2022), Jan Zálešák (2022–2023), Mariana Serranová (2023–2024), Marek Meduna and Zuzana Blochová (2024–2025).

Opening hours
Wednesday–Sunday 12–6 pm

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