Some Kind of Plan Would Be a Huge Help in the Future

28. 7. - 19. 9. 2021
opening: 27. 7. 2021 from 6PM

artists: Jiří Hůla >>> Pavel Rudolf / Veronika Slámová >>> Anna Balážová / Lenka Vítková >>> Inge Kosková / Marek Meduna >>> Marek Meduna / Andrea Medunová >>> Andrea Medunová / Matěj Smetana >>> Filip Smetana / Patrik Pelikán >>> Patrik Pelikán / Blanka Jakubčíková >>> Blanka Jakubčíková / Sylva Francová >>> + girls / Daniel Vlček >>> Daniel Vlček / Lucie Michnová >>> Kateřina Rálišová

curators: Sráč Sam and Denisa Bytelová

Oh Lord, do you have anything to eat?

(Úryvek z textu RSS je rodina XML formátů, Sráč Sam, PIŽMO 2012/12)

Common expectations are part of everyday life. It is an established practice against which targeted protection is meaningless. If we consciously include the moment of surprise as one of the expected events, are we all the more resistant to the responsibility to fulfil this? What are the questions leading to help, and how able are we to receive unexpected answers?


Some Kind of Plan Would Be a Huge Help in the Future

The subtly urgent request for an orientation tool metaphorically circumscribes the domain in which we wanted to operate. As in the previous exhibition, we did not work with visual material that was clear in advance. The artists were approached with an open and yet restrictive incentive to create any two drawings in a predetermined format with the option of inviting or not inviting another artist. The draft structure was expanded by a third via the impulse of the invitation.

We encounter an exhibition of an unpredictable edition of ourselves in a simple medium. In the multiplicity of approaches the interaction of pictorial confusion becomes a parallel of life and the artist a co-curator of the exhibition. Questions of tolerance deriving from close coexistence are appropriate. The fragmentation of content and form is connected by a pre-set grid and the will to fill it. The determination of all participants saturates an ordinary exhibition with a sense of temporary agreement.

The orientation tool for the viewer is his or her own experience and determination to acquire more. Missing guidelines open up opportunities for knowledge or lead to the courage to request a plan.

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grafika: Jan Dienstbier/CSU Praha

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