Everything Just Washes Over Me

19. 5. – 11. 7. 2021

artists: Václav Sika, Kristina Láníková,
Jan Fabián, František Fekete
kurátorky: Sráč Sam a Denisa Bytelová

Enjoy proximity and experience a sense of security.

This exhibition took the form of a gradual and mutual familiarisation with the same and the different. It arose through an arduous recitation of the same that did not lead to understanding, but became simply the next experience and starting point for our forthcoming movement in discussions and reflections. Each of the many meetings led to anticipated events as well as unexpected confrontations. Backup plans were crowded out by original intentions, to which we consistently returned in almost unchanged form. Our resolve strengthened by the trajectory of the subjects discussed, we find ourselves at the start. Public presentation is not dangerous: it is a celebration of the work.

Intimacy and movement

In addition to their unique art, Václav Sika, Kristina Láníková, Jan Fabián and František Fekete are representative of the barren economic landscape of current artistic aspirations. Circumstances led them to find employment that is both close and yet far removed from their free thinking. The necessity to embrace their own professional interest and their secondary employment creates an experience that has become a prerequisite for the initial question of the entire collaboration, namely, the ability of each to integrate the work of the other into their own output.

Václav Sika (1955) is a painter and creator of objects. He operates in series inspired by nature, which he abstracts into geometric, expressively coloured form, and in series saturated with a fascination for segments of reality. Spatial objects conserve creative joy and the modest conditions of their creation. He worked as head of the Špillar Brothers Gallery in Domažlice.

Kristina Láníková (1988) is a poet and artist. She creates cyclical fragmentary interpretations of the disproportion between personal experience and the reality of the outside world. She has published the collections Opatření na noc (Klangundkrach 2014), Pomlčka v těle (Fra 2015), Krátké dějiny zraňování (sam83 2017) and Úvahy nad zájmeny (Fra 2020). She works as an assistant in the bookshop of the National Gallery.

Jan Fabián (1978) is a visual artist. He creates free installations associated with environmental ethics, using which he responds to specific spatial relations and draws attention to the dangers of automation. He seeks to reopen the currently sealed form of place. He revives the procedural by means of his installations. He looks for a way to ask a question so that the project he is working on embodies more than merely a visual effect. He is an architect and assistant professor at the Department of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Architecture.

František Fekete (1993) is an artist dedicated to identity as a limiting framework of itself. He interprets the fragility of masculinity and a reading of the media image. A careful choice of medium for the intelligibility of authentic content reflects a conscientious reflection upon ontological questions. He works as an independent curator and production manager with the organisation tranzit.cz.

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