Overview Fact

Ursula Biemann, John Bock, Harun Farocki, Julia Gryboś a Barbora Zentková, Michal Machciník, Susan Schuppli, Roman Štětina

25. 3. – 17. 5. 2020

curator: Václav Janoščík

Detective stories seem to be increasingly popular and yet more and more complicated. It’s as though the genre was no longer simply about the suspense generated by the search to find the killer, but about a deeper quest to find broader social refuges, problems, and points of friction and contact. Similarly, art not only furnishes our world with new objects but participates in the creation of perspectives, the perceptions and knowledge that constitute our world. Art therefore has an overview effect (as reported by astronauts), i.e. the ability to evoke a sense of belonging, the search for context and orientation.

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