Yaara Zach: The First Year

3. 10. 2023 from 6 pm

The artist talk by Yaara Zach is held in conjunction with her solo exhibition, which is currently on display at the Artwall Gallery until October 13, 2023.

In this presentation, Zach will explore her latest body of work titled The First Year, a comprehensive project encompassing a large-scale photography series currently exhibited in the public space at Artwall Gallery, as well as video installations and drawings. She will also present her previous artworks to contextualize the current exhibition.

The talk will also explore the evolution in Zach's artistic practice, from the realm of static sculpture to the domain of performative art. In this context, Zach will elaborate on the rationale behind her choice to sculpt with unstable materials like air and liquid, providing a glimpse into her creative process and the innovative elements that define her work.

The project The First Year is rooted in performative actions involving wearable objects, constantly transformed through the act of breathing. The outcome is a documented unique mourning ceremony. In the talk, Zach will delve into her fascination with ancient ceremonies and Jewish mystical beliefs, shedding light on how these inspirations led her to create The First Year.

Zach will also discuss the exploration of collectives, individuals, territories, and boundaries within her work, as it rises from the performative act of mutual breathing, and the new complex organism that is inspired by coral colonies and superorganisms.

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