The Third Decade on the Scene:
Contemporary Art: Who Cares?

27. 11. 2023 from 6 pm

guests: Petr Fischer, Karolína Vránková, Jiří Koukal, Hana Janečková
host: Terezie Nekvindová

The discussion will be held in Czech

Contemporary visual art appears but sporadically in the mainstream media, and when it does, it is often on the level of a strange but irrelevant curiosity. This reflects a general lack of understanding and interest on the part of the general public. And yet artists consistently think through the problems of the present world and could mediate reflections upon it. Does contemporary art speak an arrogantly exclusive language? Or does it lack a strong media representative capable of explaining it to the public? Or is it in the nature of art to be incapable of attracting crowds? Is it ok to remain on the fringes? And how does art compare to architecture in this regard?

The discussion will be moderated  by the journalist and philosopher Petr Fischer, who has overseen the cultural sections of the newspaper Hospodářské noviny and Czech Television and worked as editor-in-chief of the Vltava radio station, the journalist Karolína Vránková, creator of the podcast Bourání (Demolition) on Radio Wave and editor-in-chief of the architectural journal e-arch, and Jiří Koukal, editor of the ČT Art website.

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