Luboš Fidler: Zpívající tyče + Adam Železný, Ladislav Železný: Tabula rasa

opening and concert: Tuesday 26. 4. 2016 at 6–8pm


The exhibition of two constructors of  sound kinetic installations Luboš Fidler a Železný brothers (Tabula rasa) connects their interest in microtonality and minimalism in material.  "Singing Rods", a new version of an older piece "Excited Aluminium" consists of wooden ladders and suspended aluminium rods, producing spectrum of overtones.

Tabula rasa is a sound installation designed to transform the material qualities of porcelain into an acoustic instrument. It presents a form through which light passes, at the same time creating an acoustic situation in space. It includes 3 suspended resonators that emanate sound and respond to the specific acoustic qualities of the space. It is musical instrument with specific optical and physical qualities through whose opacity hidden sounds are revealed. The installation gives off soft vibrations with the shape and sizes of the tiles determining the frequencies heard. In this way porcelain becomes a medium for hearing microtonal overtones. The instrument itself is sonically (and visually) blank, so it is a tabula rasa.

Musician and contructor of experimental sound instruments Luboš Fidler (1951) is currently intensively devoted to growing eco-vegetables for his own use and development together with Zdeněk Konopásek of a musical project "Noční pták", which employs, beside other elements, his instrument "Roletofon". Lives and works in the South Bohemian village of Albeř.

Ladislav Železný (1979)  lives in Prague. He graduated from the intermedia school PaedDr. Jan Svoboda, Faculty of Fine Arts - Technical University in Brno in video and multimedia department with Keiko Sei, Peter Rónai and Richard Fajnor. He worked as an assistant for audio applications at the Faculty of Fine Arts Brno, an external teacher for Audio technology at the same faculty and currently works as a sound designer, music director and producer for radio drama department on the Czech Radio. His work concentrates on sound art, listening, soundscapes, gathering sound, sound footage and sound specific, handmade musical instruments, technologies, experiments and manipulation of sound as non-visual and non-verbal media, sound and music composition for short films, theater, and radio drama, audio maps, internet radio broadcasting, and the Ether. In the past, member of Auvid and Lemurie TAZ.

Concert: Soubor Lama 

  • Luboš Fidler: singing rods, guitar
  • Matěj Fidler: singing rods, hang drum
  • Štěpán Pečírka: singing rods, voice
  • Zdeňek Konopásek: spirit of Trabant deluxe, trumpet

You can listen to the concert: here.

Exhibition is realized in the framework of the festival vs. Interpretation in collaboration with Agosto Foundation.

FCCA's program is possible through kind support of Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Prague City Council
Media support: a UMA: You Make Art

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