From the very start of the Center for Contemporary Arts the processing of detailed documentation on selected Czech artists (ARTLIST) was one of the main axes of its activities. Over the course of time more than forty artists have been selected and documented in detail. These artists are selected by a specialist commission on the basis of the quality of their output. Attention is given to personalities whose importance and contribution has not in the past been documented. Since the documentation was conceived of as subjective from the start, the individual artist files represent an archive of the most varied approaches to their subject.

During 2006 a decision was taken to place the ARTLIST database online, and the creation of paper documentation was subsequently discontinued. The contents of the files are gradually being updated and transferred into electronic form.

  • The online database has its own address: 
  • Documentation that still exists on paper is stored at the Center’s headquarters and is accessible to specialists upon request.

The following offered special assistance to this program: Walter Keller, Scalo Verlag a.g.; Pro Helvetia; Ruth von der Wenge Gräfin Lambsdorff; and Martin Georg Weber.

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