Blind Pew – Discussion with artists

Martin Kyrych, Ivan Pinkava, Pavel Sterec, Jan Šerých
and Marek Meduna
9. 4. 2024 from 6 pm

The Cursor Gallery will be open between 5 and 8 pm on the day of the event.

Artists collaborating at the Blind Pew exhibition will present their work in a discussion moderated by curator Marek Meduna.

Jan Šerých is exhibiting a series of prints […] with collages of cats […]on the internet. Behind […] yawns an almost ontological void. Habima Fuchs is represented […] an undelivered report […] in its mouth. Stereotypes […] are not banished, but welcomed. Piotr Bury Łakomy is represented by two paintings and an object […] the pathology of the imaginary […], which rise up […] ex ovo. Martin Kyrych offers up […] for browsing […] and it is questionable whether […]. Ivan Pinkava is represented by two works. […] eyes closed […] open, empty chest of drawers. The last exhibitor is Pavel Sterec, who is staging a new […] its own alienation and the impossibility of seeing the whole of a happening. Each exhibition always reveals in a partial way the loss of communication […]. A side effect […] are all-consuming […] possibility of a Treasure Island. The curator […] is Marek Meduna with a magnanimous contribution by Zuzana Blochová: both promise that […] the roles will be reversed.

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grafika: Jan Šerých

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