Third Decade on the Scene:
Gallery Space and Screen.
Where is Contemporary Art?

1. 6. 2023 from 6 pm

guests: Lenka Glisníková, Noemi Purkrábková, Jiří Žák
moderator: Johana Lomová

Contemporary art is becoming more and more photogenic. While in the past, art existed primarily in the format of exhibitions and the physical experience of the exhibited, in the contemporary world, its existence is subject to photographic documentation and the subsequent dissemination of its image in the online environment. Even the most ephemeral events exist in permanent recordings. Their actual course is less important than the virtual image on the screen. Another specific consequence is the endless stream of sharing reproductions of individual works on social media.  The context of these works then becomes personal information, political opinions and polemics on social media profiles, and the medium of the exhibition, that is, the event where viewers play an active and sometimes collective role in co-creating the meaning of the work, disappears.

In this discussion, we will address the question of where contemporary art exists and what are the conditions for its perception. Does this mean that the uniqueness of the experience of encountering art no longer plays a role? What are the demands on the gallery environment when its walls become primarily backdrops? What kind of power does the photographer have in this situation? What do artists think about art having to be photogenic? And is this something new?

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