Daniela & Linda Dostálková: Selected works
Dan Walwin: Low magic

October 18, 2019

As a part of Edith Jeřábková´s curatotial work at the Cursor Gallery, two events related to two exhibitions by artists Daniela & Linda Dostálková: Campaign and Dan Walwin: True place will take place in the space of the auditorium of the CCA.

Daniela & Linda Dostálková: Selected works: from 6PM

Artists Daniela and Linda Dostálková will present their projects from the past years in the form of short episodes of a fictitious series. Duration: 30 minutes. The presentation is a follow-up of the Campaign exhibition curated by Edith Jeřábková. 

duration: 30 minutes

Dan Walwin: Low magic: from 6.30PM

Dan Walwin, whose exhibition entitled True place also took place in the Cursor Gallery in Summer 2019 will introduce himself to the Czech audience as a curator of a screening of a series of videos by four international artists – Yalda Afsah, free.yard, Temra Pavlovic, Masar Sohail – under the name Low magic. 

duration: 45 minutes

Low magic

Quiet assertions of hopefulness

Resisting moods of desolation and powerlessness.

That doesn’t mean they are not themselves

almost-schizophrenic, about-turns,

“”this is a shout out to my mom, Joy, I love you, I miss you, give me a call sometime. SHUT UP!!!”

Gentle, humble, tender works

Bringing together things that could never immediately suggest themselves + despite it, works.

Low magic

Only feared

Iraq, Mexico, France


Shift and ripple - despite their formal rigour- this tenderness towards their subjects infuses with warmth moments of hesitant comedy and baleful absurdity.

– Dan Walwin

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©Daniela a Linda Dostálková
©Tourneur, 2018, Yalda Afsah

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