Radim Labuda: The Devil in the Algorithm

performative lecture was a part of the exhibition Conditions of Impossibility VI/VII: Technical Detail
November 19, 2018 from 6 PM

In the next performative lecture by the artist in post-practice we take a look at human culture from the perspective of evolutionary and theoretical biology. In the spirit of low-theoretical speculation we examine the favourite myth of the right, to wit, that capitalism is a kind of natural order of things, the most effective organisation of the world. We look back to the beginning of life and attempt to pick apart this “naturalness” and interrogate its (allegedly) altruistic antithesis. We shall also have a go at asking what lies ahead of us at a time when the climate is already undergoing significant change. Everything will be nicely seasoned with some of the new anti-capitalist memes doing the rounds.

And if all this isn’t enough for your jaded palate, as always there will be a delicious vegan soup on offer.

Radim Labuda
(tranl. Phil Jones)

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