Radim Labuda: On Imaginary Work
5. 2. 2019 form 6 PM 
performative lecture was a part of the exhibition Conditions of Impossibility III/VII: The Work of Indolence

The post-practice artist Radim Labuda will devote his third performative lecture with soup to reflections upon imaginary, imaginative and imaginatorial work, i.e. work it is difficult to quantify. Ever since people first clustered together into societies, this type of work, though necessary if the community is to survive, often finds itself in a precarious position. From the shaman via the priest to the artist, philosopher or psychotherapist, a person performing work in the zone of the imaginary is confronted with insecurities that have been intensified by the Enlightenment, modernity and capitalism and are further complicated by postmodernism, neoliberalism and the interconnectedness of global information networks. The artist will also explain why people like to gossip about Anne Imhof.

Instead of an authoritative lecture, we will continue to speculate upon and develop a map of low theory in which evolution, Marxism and shamanism all have a place. And if this is not enough to satisfy you, then at least there’ll be soup on offer, the quality of which is guaranteed by the artist as always.

Radim Labuda
(transl. Phil Jones)

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