Radim Labuda: On Human, All Too Human Resources

performative lecture was a part of the exhibition Conditions of Impossibility V/VII: Inhuman Resources
August 21, 2018 from 6PM

In the next of his extemporisations on the wearisomely quotidian, Radim Labuda, an artist in post-practice and gentleman philosopher, will reflect upon the intangible resources of human society such as attention, imagination and narrative, which maintain the social fabric. These qualities are not localised, but permeate both the public and private sphere, oscillate between public and private representations, and are not renewable. Yes, together we shall boldly venture in the proximity of reactive narratives and consider why they are so irresistible to the listener.

As always soup will be provided, and since climate change has brought us such a sweltering summer, this time round it will be cold. As for what variety of soup, you’ll just have to wait and see...

Radim Labuda
(transl. Phil Jones)

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