Anne Duffau: Inner/Outer
Presentation and screening takes place within PAF festival in the FCCA Library
Spetember 27, 2018 from 3.30PM

The London-based theorist Anne Duffau is the founder and curator of the nomadic platform A-Z. On Thursday 27/9 she will present her project Inner/Outer at the Foundation and Center for Contemporary Arts Prague. Inner/Outer is part of A---Z research through the screening of works that explore & defy preconceived / imperialist histories of identities & bodies. Through the scope of narratives & distinctive genre ranging from art, youtube mash-up to music videos, the aim of this screening is to break boundaries & raise interest in terms of displacement, otherness & post gender.

Vasiliki Antonopoulou 
Amir George 
Melanie Jackson 
Jennifer Martin 
Samirah Raheem
Jennifer Juniper Stratford 

The presentation was commissioned by the curatorial platform PAF and the show is organized in cooperation with the Foundation and Center for Contemporary Arts Prague. The capacity is limited - please send your reservation to

The exhibition program of the CCA is possible through kind support of Ministry of Culture of the Czech RepublicPrague City CouncilState Fund of Culture of the Czech RepublicCity District Prague 7
Media support: ArtMapjlbjltUMA Audioguide

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