Transparent Eyeball – Life Discussions

12. 3. 2022 form 10 am to 19 pm

a lecture marathon held by Hope Recycling Station 
in collaboration with CCA Prague


Transparent Eyeball is a transdisciplinary collaborative practice steered by artist Adam Vackar and evolutionary zoologist Jindrich Brejcha. We are currently based in Prague. The mission of Transparent Eyeball is to encourage awareness of biological processes, or meaningful responses to environmental issues. We achieve this by facilitating a dialogue between leading visual artists, art theorists, and scientists. While seeking to raise awareness on complexity of life, we engage audiences with panel discussions, lectures and talks. Our current major interests span environmental concerns to color producing mechanisms and their perception. If even possible we would like to mediate and facilitate not only understanding, but also affinity of general public towards nature and life.

Life Discussions is an Interdisciplinary symposium to discuss how art and culture can co-exist, complement each other, and help to disseminate knowledge and understanding on biological problems. Life Discussions aims to bring new perspectives on how artists, art theorists and biologists can engage together in a collaborative insight into the relation between biological principles that drive our own creativity and our need to communicate. We want to build our understanding on solutions that life on Earth offers.

Today’s environmental issues are often complex. Finding effective strategies that encourage public awareness and stewardship are paramount for long-term conservation of species and ecosystems. Artists and biologists combined approach thrives to disseminate knowledge about ecology to non-specialists through novel art-science participatory research.

We invited internationally renowned scientists, artists and art theorists to discuss the evolutionary driven process of art-making as well as to show that humans are inseparable part of the natural world and share planet with other beings with completely different interests and perception.


  • Vojtěch Abraham, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
  • Michael Bok, Functional zoology, Department of Biology, Lund University
  • Jindřich Brejcha, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
  • Maya and Reuben Fowkes, University College London
  • Eliska Fulinova, Centre for Theoretical Studies (joint institute of Charles University and Academy of sciences)
  • Matouš Hejl, music composer, Prague
  • Johannes Jaeger, Complexity Science Hub, Vienna
  • Michal Kohut, artist, Prague
  • Miranda Lowe, principal curator at the Natural History Museum, London
  • Katja Novitskova, artist, Amsterdam
  • Michael Ryan, professor, Department of Integrative Biology, University of Texas in Austin
  • Kostas Stasinopoulos, curator, Serpentine gallery, London
  • Antonin Strizek, Laboratory of algal biotechnology, Institute of Microbiology, Academy of Sciences, Prague
  • Adam Vackar, artist, Prague

You can join lectures by non-Czech speakers on Zoom:

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