The Second Decade on the Scene
The Transformation of the Approach to Arts Education Between 2010 and 2020

20. 6. 2022 from 5 pm

guests: Vasil Artamonov (FaVU VUT), Jennifer Helia de Felice (FaVU VUT), Barbora Klímová (FaVU VUT), Jiří Kovanda (FUD UJEP), Dominik Lang (UMPRUM), Marie Lukáčová (FAMU), Petr Lysáček (FU OU), Pavlína Morganová (AVU), Vladimír Skrepl (AVU)

host: Johana Lomová (UMPRUM)

Jeleni Gallery recently published a catalogue covering its second ten years of activity. On this occasion we decided to organise a series of four critical discussions on some aspects of contemporary art, thematically based on the introductory texts in the catalogue.

The first of these debates will deal with the transformations of post secondary art education during the years 2010–2020.

Over the last ten years, the idea of what prerequisites and competences students in art universities should have has changed. Above all, the question of what role talent, exceptionality and individualism play in the context of study has started to be debated. In this discussion, we would like to reflect on the issues related to this shift. We consider the initiating moment to be the generational change called for by the Pro AVU initiative in 2009 and the following years, when all art universities went through a more or less radical change of teaching staff.

We are interested in what art education looks like, how students are selected during the entrance exams and what the complex of art education looks like today. With our guests we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the recently often criticized so-called master model compared to other, alternative ways of teaching, such as non-hierarchical leadership, etc. The aim is not to discuss institutional history, but rather to capture the essence of the outlined change and reflect on its implications for the art scene.

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