FOAF Prague 2019: George Vasey and Hana Janečková

August 31, 2019 from 6PM

two talks given by Goerge Vasey, curator from the London Wellcome Collection, and Hana Janečková, curator, theorist and artist, will take place within the Friend of a Friend Prague 2019

George Vasey on the exhibition Misbehaving Bodies: Oreet Ashery & Jo Spence

George Vasey's talk will reflect on the exhibition 'Jo Spence & Oreet Ashery: Misbehaving Bodies' at Wellcome Collection. Questions addressed will include; how does illness shift our understanding of identity? How do we complicate what it means to be a patient? 

Through the lens of Jo Spence and Oreet Ashery's practice, Vasey will explore how artists represent illness and dying and how the economies of marginality often intersect with healthcare narratives. Spence, an influential figure in photographic histories, documented her own breast cancer and alternative healthcare regime throughout the Eighties and Ashery's mini-series Revisiting Genesis merges fact and fiction to explore death and dying in the digital era. 

Vasey will reflect on the work within the context of the curatorial aspects of the exhibition, and his attempts to create a comforting environment for difficult material, decentering his own curatorial voice to work with consultants and people with lived experience that foregrounded a range of different voices within the exhibition. 

The talk will be introduced by Hana Janečková, a theorist, curator, artist and teacher (FAMU)

George Vasey is a curator at Wellcome Collection, London and writer. He was previously curator at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland and Curatorial Fellow at Newcastle University. In 2017 he was curator of the Turner Prize, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull. Since 2008 he has curated exhibitions and projects for artist-led, commercial and public institutions. He regularly teaches in Universities across the UK and writes on Contemporary Art. Recent writing has featured in Art Monthly, Frieze and Mousse magazine.

Friend of a Friend Prague (FOAF) launched in Warsaw in 2018 as an international gallery sharing initiative. From the beginning, FOAF aims to establish new networks, to exchange ideas with guests - gallery colleagues, artists, curators, art critics and collectors from abroad. And to enable local audiences to interact with the works of international artists whose practices have not yet been extensively, if at all, exhibited at the city where the event takes place. FOAF Prague 2019 organized by the Alliance of Czech Contemporary Art Galleries (ACCAG) emphasizes cooperation between galleries, the interconnection between local and international art scenes and the importance of a dialogue with the general public.

Find more information about the FOAF project here and in the press release

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Jo Spence and Oreet Ashery: Misbehaving Bodies. Photo: Thomas SG > Farnetti / Wellcome Collection
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