Radim Labuda: On soup practice
19. 9. 2017 from 5 PM
performative lecture was a part of the exhibition Conditions of Impossibility I/VII: Loss of Time

When an artist cooks, she becomes part of a certain tradition. This of course is the case even when she sculpts or paints. However, during this lecture we will focus on artists that cook.

When an artist cooks, the informed public finds it impossible to separate this activity from its awareness of other cooking artists. And yet it is also impossible to disentangle this event  in relation to professional cuisine or the history or prehistory of the preparation and consumption of food. 

When an artist cooks, the result of her work can be appreciated on two aesthetic levels. Firstly, on the level of Kantian distanciation, which institutionalised art has relied on for centuries. And secondly, on the level of the appreciation of the subtly blended flavours of the work. As far as the first level of appreciation is concerned, the second level might appear inferior, even fraudulent, since if the food is good, then the experience to be had from eating it overshadows the distanciated aesthetic experience, which becomes accessible to a general public that has only a passing acquaintance with Kant or contemporary institutionalised art.

Radim Labuda, an artist in post-practice, has long been known as the creator of soups. While in his art practice he was subject to feelings of insecurity, when cooking soups he is unashamedly self-confident. And so you can look forward to wonderful food.

Václav Magid
(transl. Phil Jones)

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