Radim Labuda: On maps (and how they can lead us to ethics in art)
22. 11. 2017 from 6 PM
performative lecture was a part of the exhibition Conditions of Impossibility II/VII: (Im)mediate

Today’s globalised world is extraordinarily complex and self-contradictory. One map will never suffice to find our way around it. We need to create and overlay a multitude of maps that will orientate us on the different levels of our understanding of reality and our subsequent actions in it. In order to search for ethical imperatives for the art of the Anthropocene we shall attempt to superimpose maps upon maps and discover how they might lead us to a single common goal. 

In his next performative lecture, Radim Labuda, a post-practice artist, will unveil more of his idiosyncratic ‘low theory’ through open discussion and negotiation, pratfalls and errors. With a naive idealism he will grapple with the metaphors that cleverer minds and more accomplished writers have addressed before him. And should you be dissatisfied with the intellectual nourishment on offer, you can always rely on the soup.

Radim Labuda
(transl. Phil Jones)

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